Channelizing the life force energy – Reiki Healing

It is everybody’s desire that his life should be happy, prosperous, fun-filled, healthy and satisfying; consequently, many fervent demands and entreaties are made to all the deities and powers that we believe in. Man, as is popularly known, lives on hope and a huge amount of time and money is expended in trying to assuage various entities and powers that we believe control our lives. But, all that the... read more

How to get rid of Black Magic and Darker Energies!

Humans are not alone in this world. The planet is a living organism and many traditional cultures recognize that all spaces are permeated by awareness and energy. In this universe everything is made up of energy even our human body. There are two kinds of energies in this universe, the positive energy force which we call as “GOD” and the negative energy force which is called as the “Devil”. Both these... read more

Astrology vs Tarot: The battle of the predictors.

Interest in Tarot card reading has only picked up in the last few decades even though it originated in the 14th century in Italy; it has always had some curiosity and mysticism with images of old, wrinkled gypsy women making evil incantations and prophesies of doom and fate. Tarot is the interpretation of the present and future experiences of a person through the learned interpretation of the symbols and... read more

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