Have you find your Soul Mate?

We humans are a social animal with an intelligent thinking brain, feelings which are both spiritual and physical and a will that lets us perform actions and take decisions according to our whims, fancies and requirements. But, in spite of all our claims of superiority over the animals, the elements, flora, fauna etc, there are certain areas in which we find ourselves helpless and inadequate. One... read more

The Amazing Power of Gratitude!

Gratitude is the enjoyment of life in the true sense because it shows the positive feelings you have towards others and for the graciousness of all those people around you who have been responsible to make you what you are, make your conditions what they are and who lead you to the realization of the supreme truth of your life, your existence and your sense of fulfillment. It also reveals the trend of... read more

Shiva – The Destroyer!

Shiva, the destroyer, inspires with the sheer magnetism and dynamism of his personality; he strikes fear among the most powerful since he is “Mahadeva”, the greatest of gods and the “auspicious one”. But, the destruction was not of any innocent subjects, it was the destruction of all that is evil, whether physical or spiritual. He stayed in an absolute wilderness and sat for meditation in total isolation;... read more

Crystal Angelite! Connection with Higher Realm

Angelite is 2nd crystal of our series and it is one of my favourite crystals. This is one of the best crystals for establishing contact with Angels and Archangels. The energy of this crystal is extra ordinary and this can be placed in angelic alter also while doing angelic invocations. It is Blue in color and has soothing energies. Best quality Angelite comes from Britain, Egypt, Poland and Libya.... read more

Angelic Rituals! Instant access to untouched treasure

Man is a very interesting creation of god; he is blessed with some awesome faculties and some he has to practice. Both inherent capabilities and acquired ones can also be improved through hard work and disciplined training. These latent energies and powers are derived through some sacred rituals most of which have to be learnt painstakingly under the watchful eye of a trained master. Some of the most... read more

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