Moon! The Planet of Love

The Yin and Yang principle holds true for the solar system and the universe in general; for all negative or derogatory entities, there is also the existence of a counter; that is the law of balancing that holds sway in this universe. The Sun is the life-giving divine spark that ignites the matter for the creating of life but that too requires a Yin for its Yang – a counter to its act of creation. That... read more

Sun! Symbol of Divine Spark

The Sun is the center of our Solar System in more ways than one; life on Earth is created due to the heat produced by the sun and the continued sustenance is also due to its energy-giving heat. The Solar system The Sun is the core of the Solar System that includes all the gravitationally controlled bodies like the planets, comets, moons, asteroids etc; the word Solar  is derived from the Roman God, Sol... read more


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