Aghori Practices! The King of True Powers

Who are Aghoris? Most of us have heard of Aghoris and the common knowledge that is prevailing is that they are tantric practitioners who perform very strange rituals that shock the normal people who are horrified when they hear some of the tantric practices that involve corpses, dead bodies, feces, burial grounds, sexual intercourse with dead bodies and cannibalism. However, since they deal with spirits... read more

Ketu! The Planet of Spirituality

Like Rahu, the planet Ketu is not a physical entity hence there is no visual presence; the reason for this is simple to see. Ketu is the other half (the hind part) of the demon who was cut in half by Lord Vishnu to prevent him from drinking the sacred nectar which had been churned out of the sea for providing immortality to all those that drink it. But, drink he did by the time that Lord Vishnu could... read more

Is there any importance of Rahu in Astrology?

The planets that we have seen till now are actual physical entities that have an effect on the human lives according to the placement of those planets in their astrological charts. But, there are two entities that are not physical planets; rather, they are in the form of shadowy planets or nodes and are known to exert vital influences on the lives of the natives. Rahu is known to be a dirty planet causing... read more

Saturn, The Lord of Karma

Among the planets that are visible to us with the naked eye, Saturn happens to be the last although, on a clear day, Uranus is also known to be visible occasionally. This makes it represent the limits of our limitations in: The distance that our eyes can see, The body (mainly the Skin), and The personal actions that we may undertake (the law keeper of Karma). Saturn is the lord of your karma since it... read more

What is the importance of Venus in Astrology?

Venus is devoted to the positive task of merging and uniting different forces, feelings and entities to ensure the completeness of things to create harmony and restore stability. It is Venus that causes the creation of love for others and for the beautiful feelings and things, cooperation, relating to others.  Since Venus denotes love and affection it symbolizes all the qualities that are connected to... read more

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