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Angelic Rituals! Instant access to untouched treasure

Man is a very interesting creation of god; he is blessed with some awesome faculties and some he has to practice. Both inherent capabilities and acquired ones can also be improved through hard work and disciplined training. These latent energies and powers are derived through some sacred rituals most of which have to be learnt painstakingly under the watchful eye of a trained master. Some of the most... read more

The Regent of Healing – Archangel Raphael!

In the divine world of celestial beings encompassing the higher realms of wisdom and godliness there are a number of angelic and demonic entities who have been ordained by their teachings and their chosen beliefs to carry out their specific ordained tasks. Heading this august list is Archangel Raphael, a celestial angel whose name is revered by the followers of many faiths in the world; he is the foremost... read more


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