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Aventurine! Money Multiplier

Aventurine is one of my favourite crystals and on regular basis I use this crystal specially in case of creating prosperity crystal grid for my clients. Aventurine is very powerful and positive stone for attracting abundance in life. It has strong connection with divine kingdom. Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic radiations and environmental pollution. Wear this crystal in the form of pendant, mala or... read more

Carnelian Crystal! Women’s Best Friend

Carnelian is an extremely powerful crystal for handling female issues. Results are really good. This crystal is full of life force energies and vitality. It stimulates the metabolism. Carnelian helps in activating Sacral and root chakra; it also influences the female reproductive organs, and increases fertility. Not only in case of females, it is also helpful for males to overcome frigidity and impotence.... read more

Crystal Angelite! Connection with Higher Realm

Angelite is 2nd crystal of our series and it is one of my favourite crystals. This is one of the best crystals for establishing contact with Angels and Archangels. The energy of this crystal is extra ordinary and this can be placed in angelic alter also while doing angelic invocations. It is Blue in color and has soothing energies. Best quality Angelite comes from Britain, Egypt, Poland and Libya.... read more

Crystals…. To enhance vibrational frequency

Crystals are natural stones which are formed under earth. Crystals are the earth’s DNA, a chemical imprint for evolution. They are miniature storehouses, containing the records of the development of the earth over millions of years. These crystals are of different kind and every crystal possesses some unique and powerful qualities. Crystals vibrates at a very higher frequency and it is said that on an... read more

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