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Alternative and Complementary medicines.

Man has, since the onset of time, been obsessed with his well-being and that of his kind; in so doing, a bevy of treatments and cures were developed but all were not very popular. Over the millennia, while all medical streams and beliefs developed, the organized medical community reached certain conclusions and definitions pertaining to its profession by compartmentalization of medicines into:... read more

Astrology vs Tarot: The battle of the predictors.

Interest in Tarot card reading has only picked up in the last few decades even though it originated in the 14th century in Italy; it has always had some curiosity and mysticism with images of old, wrinkled gypsy women making evil incantations and prophesies of doom and fate. Tarot is the interpretation of the present and future experiences of a person through the learned interpretation of the symbols and... read more


Think of a word which will immediately shift your vibrations from one level to another level and after saying those magical words, you start getting the things in your life whether it’s a balanced relationship, finances, health, prosperity, Soulmate etc. These magical words are known as “Switchwords”. These are the energy shifter words created by James Mangan in the 1960’s. They are one-word Affirmations... read more


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