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Samundra Manthan – Battle for Immortality

T he Hindu faith and its mythology is a massive collection of episodes, personalities, scriptures with most of them interconnected and woven into astonishing tales of heroics, valour, devotion, faith etc. While some of these look like spinning or concoctions, others are vividly crafted sagas which go deep into details and leave a distinct mark on the psyche and thinking of the reader. In Hinduism, it is... read more

Invincible Hanuman!

Hanuman was one of the most enigmatic personalities of Hindu mythology; he was powerful beyond estimate and his enormous powers and his innocence can be estimated from the fact that, as a child he mistook the Sun to be a mango and wanted to eat it; Rahu was nearby trying to create a solar eclipse. Hanuman just brushed him aside with his might and swallowed the Sun whereupon Rahu complained to Indra, the... read more

Hanuman! The Incarnation of Shiva

Lord Hanuman is an amazing incarnation of Lord Shiva and he is supposed to be chiranjeevi i.e. immortal, hence he finds mention in some ancient Hindu texts which were composed at different times and places; notable among these are the Puranas, some texts of the Jain religion and The Mahabharata another epic of massive proportions. He is one of the central figures in Ramayana, an epic which depicts the... read more

Shiva – The Destroyer!

Shiva, the destroyer, inspires with the sheer magnetism and dynamism of his personality; he strikes fear among the most powerful since he is “Mahadeva”, the greatest of gods and the “auspicious one”. But, the destruction was not of any innocent subjects, it was the destruction of all that is evil, whether physical or spiritual. He stayed in an absolute wilderness and sat for meditation in total isolation;... read more

Kundalini (Vol 2) – The Key to a Spiritual High

Kundalini has been known to the scholars in the subcontinent since ages though its propagation to the western shores occurred in the recent past through the sages and practitioners who travelled to the western countries as part of their mission to spread its knowledge and finer points. It is supposed to be present in all human beings but has to be aroused out of its dormant state through vigorous... read more

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