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Kundalini…..Dormant power waiting to be unleashed.

My interest on spirituality grows fonder each passing day. It seems that my inner soul is hungry of knowing what lies beneath that our bare eyes can’t see. I have this feeling that my journey in uncovering the true meaning of Shakti is not as far as what I needed to know. Shakti, which somehow has a connection with me that seems like a feeling of déjà vu. I have decided to research more about Shakti. I... read more

Kaali…….. The Awakening of Shakti!

When I entered in the field of spirituality I came to know that this universe is made up of 2 kinds of energies or you can say that every human has 2 kinds of energy component. Masculine energies and Feminine energies. Masculine energy is represented by Lord Shiva and Feminine as Shakti. The English meaning of Shakti is POWER. Shakti! The moment I heard this word, I felt a deep and very strong connection,... read more


Iccording to a Chinese saying, “There is an invisible red thread that connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This thread can stretch or tangle, but it can never break!” Isn’t it so much true? We keep meeting amazing people who come like angels and demons all the time in our lives. Well they all have their role to play in our lives, attached to us by karmic... read more

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