What is the importance of Venus in Astrology?

Venus is devoted to the positive task of merging and uniting different forces, feelings and entities to ensure the completeness of things to create harmony and restore stability. It is Venus that causes the creation of love for others and for the beautiful feelings and things, cooperation, relating to others.

 Since Venus denotes love and affection it symbolizes all the qualities that are connected to these emotions and reactions in a native:

  1. Personal magnetism,
  2. Love and romance,
  3. Beauty and sex,
  4. Dance and other forms of recreations,
  5. Wealth and knowledge,
  6. Relationships,
  7. Social urges,
  8. Artistic acumen,
  9. Creativity,
  10. Attraction,
  11. High moral values,
  12. Sensuality and lust,
  13. Bonding energy,
  14. Love for money,
  15. Merger of hearts and souls

However, in the physical body, Venus rules:

  • The Urinary Tract,
  • The Kidneys,
  • The venous system and the blood,
  • The Larynx,
  • The throat, and
  • The general physical appeal and sexual magnetism.

As for physically observing Venus, It is not very difficult to find and recognize the morning star in the early morning sky towards the North.

While it displays his visions of the woman, he seeks or generally his better half or his sexual playmate and rules the cherished values and enjoyment that he derives from sexual union, it is Venus that enriches life and makes it worth living.

The two zodiac signs that Venus governs are Libra and Taurus; it remains exalted in Pisces while it is seen to remain debilitated in Virgo.

Professions ruled by Venus

Venus being a planet of abundance, the occupations and professions covered by it are indeed immensely varied and attractive; they include the following:

  • Literature, Music, Theatre, Cinema, poetry
  • Film industry, Sex industry,
  • Photography, paintings and other creative pursuits,
  • Readymade garments,
  • Astrology,
  • Textile industry,
  • Food, Hotels and Restaurants,
  • Travel Industry, Tourism,
  • Beauty Parlors, Cosmetics industry, costumes, and
  • Jewelry industry.


Venus is the unique planet that is retrograde for the least time among all the planets in the Solar System; it goes retrograde once every nineteen months for a period of six weeks at a time; thus, it is retrograde for only about 7% of the time.

But, it’s retro gradation is that much more significant; its retrograde state can be observed from the native’s chart when its and minutes have an Rx sign just inside the degrees in a native’s astrological chart.

When thus affected, the native shave to explore and utilize their relationships and assess the values that they can derive; in effect, they have to plan the advantages that each relationship can provide to them over the course of time. This may have some adverse reactions from the spouse or your sexual partner but patience is strongly advised.

Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus; in Libra, Venus lends harmony, stability and they joy of love since it is cultured and aesthetic there while the other, more practical and down to earth face of Venus can be seen in Taurus.

In Taurus, it brings us face to face with all the materialistic, sensual and earthy values that we possess; it also apprises us of the values that possess and attract through ownership according to our free will.

Through this principle, since we are drawing and accumulating to ourselves, the retrograde position of Venus leads us to experience hardships in finances as also in love.

It is therefore not rare to learn the essential meaning of sharing and giving in this period.


In terms of body parts ruled, Venus is the ruler of the following:

  1. Semen and sexual organs,
  2. Larynx,
  3. Urinary tract,
  4. Venous system,
  5. Chemistry of physical attraction,
  6. Kidneys

Own signs (Rashi) are  Libra and Taurus

Own day is Friday.

Direction is South East (Agney).

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is 28 days.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is 11 months.

Special Features   Fashionable, Sexual pleasure.

Color is White.

Friendly Planets Rahu, Saturn, Mercury.

Enemy Planets are Moon and Sun.

Neutral Planet is Jupiter and Mars.

Exalted in Pisces.

Debilitated in  Virgo.

Favorable Metals is Silver.

Precious Stone is Diamond.

If well placed it gives wealth and prosperity, Beauty.

 If adversely place it gives a perverted nature, aloof, lazy disposition.

Representation  Wife.

Body parts ruled  Throat, Urinary tract, Semen, sexual  organs.

Diseases given by Venus Impotency, Frigidity and Genital problems.

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