Ketu! The Planet of Spirituality

Like Rahu, the planet Ketu is not a physical entity hence there is no visual presence; the reason for this is simple to see.

Ketu is the other half (the hind part) of the demon who was cut in half by Lord Vishnu to prevent him from drinking the sacred nectar which had been churned out of the sea for providing immortality to all those that drink it. But, drink he did by the time that Lord Vishnu could launch the weapon that severed the body of the demon in two; thus, immortality had already been bestowed on the demon who was known to be a very power one.

While the upper portion of the demon’s body became known as or the North Node, the hind part was called Ketu or the South Node; since these two are not physical entities, they have not been assigned their own zodiac signs but the learned Rishis had allotted them rashis.

However, physical or visual entities or not, the vast influence that they have on the individuals are indeed having a telling effect on natives.


The South node i.e. Ketu is known to be the reflection of your past lives’ karma in that you are reaping what you sowed in your past life; in other words, you are paying for your bad karma of the previous incarnation which include meanness, selfishness or pure misdeeds; however, on the flip side, Ketu bestows you with amazing spiritual knowledge and takes you towards attaining Moksha.

As far as professions are concerned, the superior knowledge gained propels the native to adopt the following occupations:

  1. Magicians,
  2. Tantrics,
  3. Healing practitioners,
  4. Medical practitioners,
  5. Doctors,
  6. Scientists


The legendary enmity of Rahu with the Sun has a counterpart in ketu being the enmity of the Moon; this is reflected in the creation of the Solar and Lunar eclipses.

Being parts of the same demon; they give sudden and unexpected results and are located in an exactly opposite direction; arriving at the same zodiacal longitude, along with the Sun or the Moon, the corresponding eclipse takes place.

Ketu takes about 18 months to transit each sign of the zodiac and the time consumed for completing a round of the whole zodiac is 18 years.

The node called Ketu does not have any zodiac sign assigned to it and is known in Hindu mythology to represent the tail of the dragon; this planet is considered by the rishis to be exalted in Sagittarius while others contend that it is exalted in Scorpio.

Ketu is debilitated in Taurus or Gemini but as a planet, Ketu is considered to be quite strong in Jupiter.

Ketu is considered to be friendly with the Following planets:

  1. Saturn,
  2. Mercury
  3. Rahu

Ketu’s enemy planets are:

  1. Sun,
  2. Mars, and
  3. Moon

In effect, this planet is known to provide the following traits to a native:

  • Spirituality,
  • Healing powers,

Psychic powers,

  • Secret enlightenment,
  • Religious frame of mind,
  • Sorcery and occult practices,
  • Black magic, and
  • Connection with ghosts and spirits, and
  • Tantric knowledge and powers.

Adverse placement

The derogatory effects seen due to the unfavorable placement of Ketu in your astrological chart, may have the following significant effects:

  • A number of worries,
  • Unnecessary depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • lack of concentration,
  • Supernatural disturbances and
  • Ghost-related events.

Favorable placement

The many good things that a favorably placed Ketu in a native’s chart provides are:

  • Amazing intuition,
  • Deep wisdom, and
  • Luxuries

Direction is South Lunar node.

Orbiting time for each Zodiac sign is one and a half year.

Orbiting time for complete Zodiac is 18 years.

Nature is furious.

Color is smoky grey or grey.

Friendly Planets is Mercury.

Enemy Planets are Moon and Sun.

Neutral Planet is Jupiter.

Exalted in Saggitarius.

Debilitated in Taurus / Gemini.

Favorable Metals are Mica and Mixed.

Precious Stone is Cat’s eye (Lahsuniya).

If well placed it gives spiritual excellence.

 If adversely place it gives Jealous and arrogant nature.

Representation is for old people.

Diseases given by Ketu: Restlessness and tension.

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