Iccording to a Chinese saying, “There is an invisible red thread that connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This thread can stretch or tangle, but it can never break!”

Isn’t it so much true? We keep meeting amazing people who come like angels and demons all the time in our lives. Well they all have their role to play in our lives, attached to us by karmic cords.

More or less, every religion, every holy book discusses about the cards of Fate or Destiny. But the thing that decides how we meet our destiny is our Karma. In short, If Destiny is our final outcome, Karma is the road we travel to reach that Destiny. This very road can be bumpy and broken or instead be smooth and comfortable. Each one of us carries a record of all the “good deeds” and all the “not so good deeds” from this life and our past lives. Also known as our “Karmic Account”, and everybody is supposed to face their karmic account in this life or may be in their upcoming lives.

So understanding Karma is about understanding our Actions and the resulting Reaction or the Cause and Effect Principle. What we send to the Universe always comes back to us in multiple forms! It is our Karma that ultimately decides how our road to destiny is going to be.

All the good and bad incidences that happen in our lives are nothing but fruits of karma. Everyone gets their share and Everyone has to bear with them. Just like we cannot fully undo the past but we can change its impact on our present lives.

E.g. If we are to meet an accident due to our karma and we are to hit a car at 90kmph, we will certainly hit the car! But still, we can reduce the impact of our bad karmas through meditations and sadhna and create a flame surrounding us that burns all negative entities that approach us. By doing so, we modify it to hitting the car at 10kmph. We still receive the fruit of karma but its effect is reduced. So what was supposed to lead to a fracture, might now lead to just a scratch! It is therefore vital to assimilate the knowledge of karma and use it as a cushion against the atrocities of life.

We all have our roles to play on this Earth. Our own share of Karma to play. There are two types of Karma:

  • Karmas Related to material life
  • Karmas Related to spiritual life

Material life karmas include almost everything we encounter like work, family responsibilities, etc . Spiritual Karmas include Sadhna, prayers, offerings to the divine, etc.

Leading a spiritual Life doesn’t imply abandoning our family or everything around us but its actually about living 200% life! A life 100% full of materialistic growth and 100% spiritual growth.

We must recognize the fact that when we are sent to Earth, it is for a specific purpose and simultaneously our lives are tied to several other lives – a companion, a child, a sibling, a friend, a mentor or so many similar roles to play. All our actions that we are going to take, called Karmas, will affect others, and the actions others will create an impact on our lives.

Why do certain kind of people keep coming back us to hurt us in many different ways? Why we always find ourselves in failed relationships and other miserable circumstances or why do we keep failing? Everything is here to teach us important lessons in life so that we can become strong and grow as a person, as an energy being. Once we figure out and learn what lesson it is, that the universe is trying to convey to us through these people, than everybody involved in the deed of karma gets freed from their past life negative accounts and these people are freed of their burdens and these chains of circumstances are lifted instantaneously! I have experienced this at so many points in my life and it never ceases to amaze me.

To achieve soul Ascension, we must free ourselves and melt our karmas. For that, we need to purify ourselves at conscious and subconscious level. This would mean freeing ourselves from feelings of revenge and rather forgive people, accept them and love them.

So Thank the worst people in your lives the most because they not only teach you important lessons, but they also take away (unconsciously) your bad karmas and free you from karmic accounts of previous lives. These scary looking villains are just merely garbage collectors. Let them clean you and purify you. Just love them for their amazing job and show your gratitude towards those people!

We must create Positive Karmas by selfless service, doing Sadhna, community service and by Blessing everyone. Blessing is a very powerful gift. Through these noble acts, we are sending to the Universe, our message to uplift others. So, the Universe responds with lots of uplifting energy for ourselves and others around us.

“Karma is our life and living that karma is our destiny”

In order to raise our energy to the level of Cosmic Energies, we must clear our Karmic Accounts. This happens through purification of Subconscious and Sadhna. Even though we cannot fully erase our Karmas, we can melt them down and subdue their effects. One who understands the reason for one’s own suffering, frees his mind from the cobwebs of circumstances and wilfully and unwaveringly advances towards spiritual growth and Abundance!

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